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Business Baazigars: Independence Day Special – Part II

Dia Rekhi August 15, 2022

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Free India of 1947. The rise of public sector giants or temples of modern India as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister called them, but the changing landscape did not kill the spirit of private enterprise. Host Dia Rekhi talks to ET’s Vikram Doctor, Editor, Special Features and delves deeper into the lives and times of several businessmen to figure out what it was like to do business in a newly independent India? Did people forget the fissures that the British left behind? Credits – Xplorer India Youtube Channel

Credits : Producer - Sumit Pande from the Economic Times and Swati Joshi from Aawaz. Sound Editors: Rajas Naik and Indranil Bhattacharjee from The Economic Times Executive Producers: Anupriya Bahadur and Arijit Barman